Kitchen Makeover

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is your kitchen in need of a heavy duty overhaul to restore it to it’s former glory?

Many kitchen cleaning companies will only clean the areas that you can see, but neglect the areas which are out of sight. We offer once-off heavy duty cleans where we remove all grease and carbon build up from hard to reach surfaces.

If you are not satisfied with the result, our technicians will return & rectify the problems at no extra cost. A photographic report with before & after images is included with every cleaning session making it easier for you to keep records for council or health and safety inspectors.

Commercial Stove Top Heavy Duty Clean Before
Commercial Stove Top Heavy Duty Clean

Just bought a new cafe or restaurant? Not happy with the old, greasy equipment? Don't scrap it! We'll clean it for you and save you heaps! 

6 Burner Commercial Stove Before Heavy Duty Clean
6 Burner Commercial Stove Heavy Duty Clean

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